$ 25.00

VINZ Feel Free Book

116 pages, color


The moment we first saw photos of Vinz's street work we were captivated. It was hard not to be immediately taken in by Vinz's nude avian "hybrids," each engaged in a variety of scenes played out on public walls across Europe. But what truly drew us to Vinz's work was that while many of his characters appeared to be "cute" and "playful," it was clear that his work was also very complicated and, at times, very serious. Each of his images pulled us deep into a rich and complex new narrative.

It wasn't until we finally met Vinz face-to-face that we began to fully understand the deeper thinking and incredibly labor intensive process behind his work. It was then that we went from being merely captivated to being fully obsessed. As you will see, the "Vinz Feel Free" project has many philosophical layers. Vinz's ideas are grounded in our current social, political and global environment. Naked bodies of all shapes and sizes are meant to question our beliefs in freedom and the reptilian hybrids represent the repressive and often violent police presence throughout the world. The "Suited Reptilians" represent the businessmen and bankers who rule the world we live in today. The images that Vinz uses come from photos that he personally took of police violence during protests in his home country of Spain.


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